1.    John went to the mountains on his vacation, and  we   had gone  too.
A              B     C        D
D. did

2.    Although the quantity was small, we had supplies enough to finish the experiment.
A                            B                                     C                                     D
  C. enough supplies

3.    Neither Tom or Jane is going to the beach today.                                                                                   A           B   C                            D
      A. nor

4.    If Rudy would have studied German in college, he wouldn’t have found thescientific               A                                      B                                                                         C
terminology so difficult to understand.
A. had studied

5.    Hal’s new sports car costs much more than his friend Joel.
A    B    C            D
   D. his friend joel’s

6.    After she had bought  herself  a new automobile, she sell  her bicycle.
A        B                   C    D
       C . sold
7.     John had already saw  that document before  he  read  the reviews about it.
A                B              C        D
  A. seen
8.    The United States has import all carpet wools in recent years because domestic wools are
A          B                                                  C
too fine and soft for carpets.
A. imported    
9.    Tomatoes grows all year long in Florida
A          B    C                D
B. grow

10.    In the united states, there are much holidays throughout the year.
A                         B             C                                     D
C. many
11.    Guppies are sometimes call rainbow fish because of the males’ bright colors
A                   B        C                            D
D. has called

12.    Jim was upset last night because he had to do too many homeworks.
A            B    C            D

13.    George is not enough intelligent  to pass  this  economics class without help.
A        B     C         D
A. intelligent enough

14.    Harvey seldom pays his bills  on time, and his brother does too.
A          B        C        D
D.doesn’t either

15.    They are going to have  to leave soon, and so do we.
A           B        C        D
     D. so are

16.    Mumps are a very common disease which usually affects children.
A            B    C            D
A. is

17.    He has less friends in his classes now than he had last year.
A        B             C        D
A. fewer (count nouns)

18.    The harder he tried, the worst he danced before the large audience.
A        B        C        D
      B. the worse

19.    Each of the nurses report to the operating room when his or her name  is called.
A        B                    C        D
B. was reporting

20.    My brother is in California  on vacation, but I wish he was here so that he could help me
A         B                C

repair my car.
  C. is here


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